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Twin-Creek-logocrop History 2004-present

In 2004, Grady Truchelut, with the help of Heath Rogers, established a small recording studio in a shack in Appleby, TX, 4 miles north of Nacogdoches. Notable projects recorded at this location are the 2nd unreleased El Kabong album and a Country Willie and the Cosmic Debris project whose recorded material ended up being used in the movie Rainbow's End. This version was called Get Reel Studio

In 2006, the studio was moved to a location where it remained until 2014. The second location was used for such local artists as Nathan Hunnicut and ETX Binary System. This location was also the site of Grady Truchelut's 2010 and 2011 solo albums as well as Gravity Raincoat's Space Thumb EP.  Space Thumb was the first project recorded at the location and occurred just prior to the studio's conversion to fully digital systems. Heath left for Austin for awhile and the studio stayed put but lost it's name. In 2013 with the start of the ETX Binary System album, Specific View's production, the studio was given a new name, Amorphous Audio.

In 2014, the studio had to move again. This time the studio moved to the current location near Memorial hospital in Nacogdoches. This location features 2 separate studios, A and B as well as the largest tracking rooms of any location so far. This location hosted all of the sessions for The Completists' In Some April Dusk album as well as an acoustic session for A New Horizon that yielded the single, Willow. Current clients include Tyler Blake Johnson, James Alton Hutchison, and Country Willie Edwards all of whom have recorded at the current location in 2014/2015. The current name, Twin Creek Audio, was chosen as we move forward with more commercial production work and began working with a wider range of artists and styles.