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Consoles: Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 24 channel, Ramsa 8616, Yamaha RM804

Tape Machines: Otari MX5050 MkIII 8 track 1/2",  Scully 250 1/4" 2 track

Digital Audio Workstations:  Custom DAW running Reaper 4.78 with all Slate  Digital plugins and choice Waves and other plugins.

Interfaces: Echo Audiofire 12 (2),  ART Tubefire 8 channel mic pre/interface

Outboard Gear:


Urei LA-10, Symetrix 501, FMR Audio RNC

Mic Preamps:

Presonus MP-20, Telex RTS Systems 465 dual preamps, ART Tube Preamp System(TPS)


Ribbon mics: MXL R144, MXL R40

Dynamic mics: Sennheiser 421, Sennheiser 412, Sennheiser e835, Audix i5(2), D1, D6, Electro Voice Raven, Blue Encore 100(2), Shure SM57(2)

Condenser mics: Rode NT1(2), MXL V69M tube mic, Audio Technica Pro37r(2), Nady SCM 1000 multipattern(2), Peavey PVM 480