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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What are your rates for recording mixing, or mastering?

A: Rates vary depending on the project. See our basic Rates or Contact Us for more

Q: Do we offer package deals/discounts?

A: While we don't usually offer any type of discounts or package rate deals, we can provide an estimate of production costs so you can keep your project on budget.

Q: Do you have XYZ doodad someone thought was cool on the internet?

A: Maybe, maybe not. We use gear that's proven, not gear that is hyped or promoted unless it's also really good.

Q: How soon can I get in to record with you?

A: The studios generally are booked out weeks in advance but sometimes cancelations do occur. The best way is to Contact Us for current availability. We still work day jobs too so our studio hours are generally Friday through Sunday 9am-1am since we have to sleep sometime too!